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lightroom old version

Are you facing compatibility, stability, and performance issues while using the latest version of Lightroom Mod APK due to devices with low systems? Don’t worry! We understand your frustrations regarding the usage of the newest version and have provided you with Lightroom old versions for free download.

 If you’re satisfied with the features and user interface of the old version of Lightroom then the updated version will not leave any negative impact on your piece because you can easily download any old version from this website free of cost. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve a low-end device or low editing skills because you’ll not be forced to use the latest version of the Lightroom app for Android, and you can easily download anyone from all the old versions provided on this website.

  • App Name
  • Lightroom
  • Size
  • 121 MB
  • Version
  • v9.2.3
  • Category
  • Video& Photo Editor
  • Downloads
  • 100M+

  • Published By
  • Adobe

Download Old Versions of Lightroom Mod APK

You can download any old version from here that is compatible with your device:

lightroom old version
Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v9.2.2

Size: 121 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v9.2.0 

Size: 187 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v9.0.0

Size: 125 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v8.4.2

Size: 114 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v8.2.2

Size: 106 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK  v6.1.0

Size: 93 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v9.2.1 

Size: 121 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v9.0.1

Size: 126 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK  v8.5.1

Size: 119 MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v8.3.2

Size: 175MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v7.3.1

Size: 98.9MB

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom mod APK v5.4.1

Size: 93 MB

Why to Download Lightroom Old Versions?

We can’t deny the benefits of advancement in technology, whether in the field of education or photography, because facing reality is the first step toward progress. We should embrace the latest inventions in every application, but there are specific necessities that force us to remain stuck with the past; the same case is with the Lightroom Old Versions .Let’s discuss what’re the benefits of downloading old Lightroom APKs and why people prefer to download old versions instead of the latest version of Lightroom Mod APK. This is because of the following features:

Resolved Compatibility Issues

All of us can’t afford to replace our old Android device with a new one every year due to budget issues. Some old devices need advanced gadgets to run the updated version of the Lightroom mobile app properly. It’s because of the hardware requirements for newer app versions that are not available on old Android devices. 

So when users download the updated version of Lightroom on their old device, they may need help with lagging errors and many other crashes. Therefore, it’s a golden chance for those users with old devices to download the old versions of Lightroom Mod APK versions without a watermark because they would never face compatibility issues when they download older versions from this website.

Light versions Due to Low-sized Files

The latest version of the Adobe Lightroom mobile app introduces many new features, that’s why its file is heavy weight and requires much storage space. On the other hand some old Android devices don’t have enough storage space or fast downloading speed. 

Moreover, many people have low internet connections in the backward area, so they can only download oversized files and search for old versions. By keeping in view the pain points of those strugglers, we’ve provided all the old versions of Lightroom. They can install any apk that’s low weight according to their storage space and internet speed.

Smoother & Faster Performance

The updated version of the Lightroom mobile app requires more system resources, which can lead to low processing speed and many other errors or potential crashes. On the other hand, the old version only demands a few resources due to the lightweight and compressed apk files, as discussed above, so they perform photo and video editing processes smoothly and quickly. Due to the quick performance of old versions, you can complete the editing process very rapidly and can save your precious time.

Keep Enjoying Old Features

Only advanced photo editors with the next level of editing skills can use all types of premium photo editors other than Adobe Lightroom. Many beginners or casual users use this application to edit the photos and videos of their family and friends without professional editing skills. Some users may need more intellectual capacity to embrace every new advancement in technology. That’s why they stick to the old features and user interface of mobile apps, so they prefer to keep the old version instead of the latest version. For the ease of such types of users, we’re providing the APK files for all old Lightroom versions. 

Maintenance of a Familiar Editing Workflow

It’s evident that continuous working in the same conditions for a long time creates a boost in the workflow, and the same is true with the Lightroom mobile app especially because of it batch editing process. When we face immediate changes in the templates, presets, features, and user interface due to updates, it highly impacts our productivity. Due to these effects, many users who still need to embrace advanced technology consider sticking with old versions for their good. We’ve banished the distress of all users by providing old versions of Lightroom Mod APK Premium Unlocked.

Minimal Bug Issues & Updates

While using Lightroom Mod APK old versions, you won’t face frequent updates, and you’ll remain protected from many bugs. You can continuously use the same interface without encountering specific issues, like observing a white or black screen, loading issues while uploading photos and images in the app, etc. So, the old version will not only save your precious time by uninterrupted editing but will also prevent your device from lagging issues.

Disadvantages of Using Lightroom Old Version

We’ve discussed some benefits of using the old versions of the Lightroom mobile app. It’s also compulsory to know their cons because informed decisions pave the way to success. Let’s take a view of some disadvantages of old versions of the Adobe Lightroom mobile app:

  • Lack of advanced features
  • Many bugs are not fixed
  • It may have security issues 
  • It doesn’t give a fantastic output like the latest version
  1. Scan apps with Play Protect
  2. Improve harmful app detection
  • Once done, turn on “unknown resources install” action.”
  • Go to your device downloads and search for Lightroom Mod APK.
  • Tap on that file and proceed with installing it on your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Operating system: Android 6.0
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage Space: 200MB
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Screen: 1920 x 1080

Uninstall the latest version you’re using and download apk files of the old versions given above. After that, install that apk file on your device by following the above installation method.

Yes, you can download any apk file from this page on your PC and can run this app using an Android emulator.

Final Thoughts

If you’re facing any error or frustration while using the latest version of Lightroom, you must download old versions from this page. However, you must know all the benefits and cons of the old versions of Lightroom, as discussed above, before making any decision. We were continuously receiving comments from users who were using old devices and wanted to use old versions of Adobe Lights. That’s why, for their ease, we’ve provided the apk files of Lightroom Mod APK of all the previous versions. Moreover, you can get a complete guide on how to download & use Lightroom for PC as well as the entire installation method of Lightroom for iOS usage from our website. 

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