and any connected products and services are governed by this policy, which is called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. See here for details on how to report copyright violations and how we respond to notices of such incidents.

We respectfully ask that our users or their representatives make IP protection a top priority as well. According to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) of 1998, which can be found on the website of the U.S. Copyright Office, we plan to quickly handle clearly stated accusations of copyright infringement.

Steps to take before filing a copyright infringement claim

If you are unsure about the item you are reporting as infringing, it is recommended that you consult an attorney before notifying us.

You need to submit your personal information to submit a DMCA copyright infringement notification. Do not worry about the disclosure of your personal information; a third party can be hired to report infringement on your behalf.

Infringement notification

Using the contact information provided below, copyright owners or their agents can file a written copyright infringement notification (“Notification”) with the DMCA if they think that any content available on our Services infringes on their copyrights. The DMCA demands compliance with all such Notifications. To avoid making mistakes and ensure compliance with your Notification, you can turn to a DMCA takedown notice generator or similar services.

By submitting a DMCA complaint, the formal procedure can begin. The veracity, thoroughness, and accuracy of your complaint will be examined. Our action may involve removing or restricting access to material that has been claimed to be infringing, provided that your complaint meets these standards.

We intend to notify the affected user of the removal or restriction of access in a good faith effort if we remove or restrict access to materials or terminate an account in response to a Notification of suspected infringement.

The Operator may choose not to respond to a DMCA copyright infringement notification if it does not meet all of the DMCA’s requirements for such notifications, regardless of whether this Policy says otherwise.

This Policy outlines our process for addressing suspected infringement, but it does not restrict our ability to pursue alternative remedies.

Modifications and updates

At any moment and without prior notice, we can make changes to this Policy or any of its provisions about the Website and Services. We will announce it on the homepage of the website when it happens. Other than the contact information you have supplied, we are free to use any means we see fit to notify you.

Except as otherwise stated, any changes made to this Policy shall be immediately effective upon publication. By using the Website and Services after the Policy modifications go into effect (unless otherwise noted), you’re agreeing to the changes. 

Reporting copyright violation.

Please contact us at the following addresses if you would like us to take action about allegedly infringing content or activity:

[email protected]